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Reflections on Molecular Red

“For Bogdanov, a political revolution is not the solution to anything. It merely enables the problem of organization to be posed. There can be no victory over the sun.” A week or so back I got myself a copy of … Continue reading

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Changing rhythms

Our lives are lived in rhythms Distinct But not severed from each other Rather weaving Intertwining The rhythm of work The segmentation of life-time The patterns of relations And the change they undergo Dialectical But not reducible To the common … Continue reading

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Gestes Speculatifs -Day 5: Serge Gutwirth and Donna Harraway

Day 5 was a blast. It began with Serge Gutwirth’s talk ‘Les choses du droit’ (“The things of law”), which explored a legal case from Belgium involving a group of S&M practitioners and a video they produced. The talk explored … Continue reading

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Cosmopolitics, revolutionary class identity and the unknowns

So, over the weekend I attended a talk at the India Coffee House in Delhi exploring the question of cosmopolitanism and its value in thinking through the future of humanity – a question that was, as it was taken up … Continue reading

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Practices, objects and ‘empirical ontology’ – an extended response to comments

I got a couple of thought provoking comments to my last post from Adam and dmf, which set me off and I ended up with something a bit longer – hence posting it as a post. Firstly, Adam shared a … Continue reading

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Practices, objects and ’empirical ontology’

I was recently pointed in a comment by dmf toward the heterogeneities website of John Law. As I browsed the collection of articles, I came across the article ‘Slippery: field notes on empirical ontology‘. The article, in brief, explores the … Continue reading

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Capitalist logics, anti-capitalism and non-capitalist modes of production

Over at larval subjects, Levi has been posting a series of posts (here and here) that are concerned with capitalism and politics, with a particular emphasis on articulating the nature, or the ontology of capitalism and the implications this has … Continue reading

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Bringing another world into existence… the call of our times

One of the biggest problems with the correlationist circle, that ontological and epistemological position that subordinates or reduces reality to the human mind, is that it tends to promote, in those that adhere to it, either a kind of hubris … Continue reading

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an object oriented cosmopolitics?

As many of you probably know, I have been spending quite some time engaging with Stengers’ various works after doing a similar thing with OOO. Towards the time when Stengers’ began to predominate I was deep in the midst of … Continue reading

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Locating myself in an ecology of practices

Over the last year or so, my posts have focused primarily on ontological questions. Object-oriented ontology has held a privileged place during this time and been a huge source of inspiration, but there has been considerable branching out into other … Continue reading

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