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collaborative explorer-activist working for inter-subjective improvement in the quality of life on planet earth

Endless war

I grew up hating the idea of war. So much unnecessary suffering. So much pointless death and destruction. I still hate it. But my understanding of it has fundamentally altered and it no longer means the same thing to me … Continue reading

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Reflections on Molecular Red

“For Bogdanov, a political revolution is not the solution to anything. It merely enables the problem of organization to be posed. There can be no victory over the sun.” A week or so back I got myself a copy of … Continue reading

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Some quick thoughts on concepts

A fascinating conversation has been unfolding between Adam of Knowledge Ecology and Mike of Archive Fire about the ontology of concepts. You can follow up on them here, here and here (and follow more links on their sites to see … Continue reading

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url change

Just a little update to let you all know that the url of this blog has changed and is now

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Blip from the void

Well, hello there! It’s been a while. And the blogging has been thin on this here patch of the interweb. Not that I haven’t had things to say or write. Not that I haven’t been reading aplenty. The work does … Continue reading

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Stengers on pharmakon, anticapitalist struggle and creation in the face of the ecological crisis

The following is a passage I just translated from Stengers’ Au temps des catastrophes: Résister à la barbarie qui vient. Looking back over the last few years, since I have been engaged in some more serious explorations of philosophy and … Continue reading

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Catching up

I went to a screening of ‘5 broken cameras’ put on at Delhi University by a group of politically engaged students. The film was intense, disturbing and in many ways problematic. In the background, probably at that very hour, rockets … Continue reading

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Wazirpur update

It’s been a while since my last post, in which I shared some ramblings following a short visit to Wazirpur, an old industrial area in the north of Delhi. I was quite surprised to discover that a major strike broke … Continue reading

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Wazirpur – visit 1

A few days ago I visited Wazirpur, an old industrial neighbourhood in north Delhi. At some point, after the 80s (?), capital pulled out of the area in a big way, leaving behind an air of  dereliction. Today, the place … Continue reading

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Abyssal The gap that divides here and now thought and action politics and religion you and I. Dreaming wanderers Fall endlessly Into it. A teaming abyss of cybernetic suffocation, guided paralysis and yoga retreats. You are everything, You are nothing. … Continue reading

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