Wazirpur update

It’s been a while since my last post, in which I shared some ramblings following a short visit to Wazirpur, an old industrial area in the north of Delhi. I was quite surprised to discover that a major strike broke out about a month after my visit. I know nothing of the specifics of how this came together but it makes for quite a striking event in light of my last post! Clearly the palpable sense of the potential for erruption was validated and, most encouragingly, the existence of solidarity amongst workers occupying such precarious positions has revealed itself, leaving me with that brief, warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that such things are possible, against the odds.


Some further references for those who are interested:


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4 Responses to Wazirpur update

  1. dmf says:

    hey andre, thanks for the update and the links, would you be interested in joining us @ syn_zero?
    we are hoping to be more of a collective effort.

  2. andreling says:

    yes. but tell me how and in what way!? and will I be forgiven for occasionally disappearing under the smothering goo of my work? I promise I’m trying to take more control of my time (just not succeeding much yet).

  3. dmf says:

    I’ll send you and Michael an email and see if you guys can work some the details, people having other commitments out and about in the world is part of why we think a group blog would be good because on top of the multiple viewpoints we could share the work load.

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