The gap that divides
here and now
thought and action
politics and religion
you and I.

Dreaming wanderers
Fall endlessly
Into it.

A teaming abyss
of cybernetic suffocation,
guided paralysis and yoga retreats.
You are everything,
You are nothing.
You are not even the speck in between everything and nothing
Let the media junk digest your brain
Be the part
Of a cannibal whole
Into prolonged decay
Ejaculating in the illusion of your own glory

Machines groan and smash thunder.
Sweating workers lose fingers, hands, arms,
Minds and souls,
Free women move their bodies
And scream rage in the shadows of drunken beatings, gang rapes and honour killings.
Homosexuals, transgenders and queers
theorize their existential criminality.
Dogged adivasis dragged from their land, laughter and freshly plucked mangoes,
Their gods murdered,
Set adrift in dead concrete boats
Away from forests, mountains, streams
Beside the mines and factories
Where they languish without dreams
Still not of this time
Never to become of this time


About intrabeing

collaborative explorer-activist working for inter-subjective improvement in the quality of life on planet earth
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