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The construction of Cosmopolitical modes of engagement

In a recent post I mentioned that to arrive at cosmopolitical solutions “demands that they [i.e. people] place faith in their collective ability to work through the problems that confront them, that they take risks in order to bring new … Continue reading

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Just came across this fascinating post excerpted from the second edition of the peer-2-peer journal (source article here). It describes some of the mind-blowingly cool work being done by bio-hacktivists involved in the Asian DIYbio movement. All the examples in … Continue reading

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Creating the means to pose the problem differently

On page 6 of Capitalist Sorcery, Stengers & Pignarre write: “It seems to us that offering other solutions without having grasped the means, without having created the means for posing the problems differently is to behave as if everything could … Continue reading

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an object oriented cosmopolitics?

As many of you probably know, I have been spending quite some time engaging with Stengers’ various works after doing a similar thing with OOO. Towards the time when Stengers’ began to predominate I was deep in the midst of … Continue reading

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