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Biotechnology, transgenics and capitalism:

Another post that started off as a comment but grew big enough to warrant, in my view, its own post here on my blog. Adam posted a link to an interesting article here (The Luddites and bio politics now)! The … Continue reading

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Harman, Latour, politics and Stengers’ Cosmopolitics

I just read this great post over at Adam’s Knowledge Ecology and it got me thinking… I started posting a comment but as it grew, decided I should relocate it here. Personally, I think I have always taken the link … Continue reading

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Inter-objective encounters, events, emergence and contingency

So, it’s been almost a month since I last posted. In between I went to Ethiopia, worked like a hog, went to a music festival, went camping, read Meillasoux’s After Finitude, an interesting piece on Althusser’s ‘Materialism of the Encounter‘, … Continue reading

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