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Modes of being, causality, materialism, magic and…

The last few days I’ve been visiting my parents to celebrate birthdays and to echarge a little. In betweeen good food, good conversations and countryside walks I found myself unable to stop reading. Actually, I was reading Harman’s Guerrilla Metaphysics … Continue reading

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An Ode to OOO

Having started dabbling in the world of ontology – and object oriented ontology more specifically – I have found myself struggling to convince the people around me that metaphysics has something to contribute. For the most part, the people I … Continue reading

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Vicarious causation and the entanglement of lovers

In the previous post I explored the distributed nature of capacity in assemblages. In this post, I begin to look at causation, drawing on Harman’s concept of vicarious causation and thinking a little about how this relates to the entanglement … Continue reading

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Assemblages have capacities too!

In my last post, I explored the concept of capacity (also called potential, power and various other things) and found it to be something both internal to objects and dependent on the wider assemblages of which they are a part … Continue reading

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Musings on potential and capacity

There was a debate the other day (I’m slow, I know) going on over at larval subjects mainly involving Levi, Ross and Michael (here). The differences erupted after Levi proposed a new kind of object: the dark object. The dark … Continue reading

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